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Marie Dina August 27, 2016 - Dating after 50+

Sexual Anorexia.....Are you purposely avoiding #intimacy? You constantly put off giving in to your #desires. You find excuses not to have #sex with your new partner. #You want to express your emotions yet you don't, won't or can't perhaps because of a past experience or how you feel about your body and how you look when you see yourself naked. Sounds like you?

This could be the time when you need to mentally sift through WHY. Hurting you new romance will not bring you closer until you know what it is that is holding you back . Talk your partner about your fears. Do you feel that your body won't appeal to them? Starving your #sexual desires only hurt any chances of becoming a couple.It's time to face your fears.


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Marie Dina October 10, 2015 - Dating after 50+

You have learned much in your years. You are smart and savvy.

Why is it that you are still the only thing standing in your way?

#Fear and loneliness is all in your mind. You still trip over yourself trying to be all that someone else needs.

It's time you tell yourself that it is #you that counts now.

What is it you want a friend, lover or partner?

Now is the time to chose for you.

Get the hell out of your own way with thinking in a new way.You are now single and not beholding to family and friends. For the first time

It's you that is at the top of the list.

Remember you are an amazing person that deserves everything you want. Now move over and let the person you always wanted to be emerge...

  • You have learned much in your years. You are smart and savvy... via Marie Dina


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Marie Dina July 21, 2015 - Dating after 50+

It's time you got into the #dating pool.You are #alone now. There are still many men & woman that are actively looking for #romance. You are in control of what you do. #You are not powerless. Many men & women fear rejection. It may sting awhile but,hell you have been through worse and came out of it unscathed. Life is about risks. Jump into the dating pool.

  • It's time you got into the #dating pool.You are #alone now. ... via Marie Dina