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Susan Lewis November 6, 2015

If its not working for you get out there and fix it right again. Action comes from your proactive movement forward. Knowing you are already on the pathway how then do you push forward? The vehicle is fueled up and you are fired up. Determined and all systems go.

Jumping over hurdles can be the cause of whipplash. Just depends on how hard you hit the ground running!!

One of the best , and the worst, places to find out information on a company is to follow the newer affilite marketers of that company. Sooner or later there will be a missed understanding. Feathers will ruffle.

However stay around a while longer and watch the way people within the community rally around. Assisting each other or just to take sides. The second is not a healthy way to be within. The first reflects a growing community with positive values.

It's so difficult to fnd something similar to the great benchmarks that lasts for many years. When the same people who have had a fall out/ a miss understanding remain willingly within the community, watch the transformation. People just keep on going forard. You end up being drawn closer and closer. There are the secrets and that is the tune people hear. The possitive growth, the laughter and the moving forward.

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