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LimebluPhotography November 16, 2017

Night Lights

Dedicated to all of the brave, selfless and courageous individuals who do their job to try and make the best of the worst. Heading full speed toward what everyone else is running from. To our First Response / Search and Rescue personnel, both paid and volunteer, front lines and behind the scenes. Thank-You!


#SAR #sunset #search #rescue #fire #police #paramedic #coastguard #volunteer #danger #nautical #photography #emergency #love #peace #JRCC

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MGL Infographic June 14, 2016

A Whooping 3 Lac Indian Students Go Abroad Annually

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MGL Infographic April 11, 2016

Pratham in education industry
This infographic was commissioned by Pratham, an organisation committed to transforming the educational landscape of india and the infographic gives and over and insight into the group and their projects and successes and initiatives.

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