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You Want Your Email Marketing to Succeed? Verify Email Addresses

You have thought about everything regarding your email marketing campaign to ensure its success. But have you ever thought about the need to verify email addresses? You might have all things considered, but if you start with an unchecked email list, your marketing efforts will be suffer.

First Things First

Setting up an email marketing campaign entails a lot of work. One of the first priorities in this type of sales effort is the quality of the email addresses that you will use. They are actually the seeds that you will sow on the field.

If they are not valid seeds, they wont sprout and produce the harvest you are looking for. Therefore, you must prioritize the kind of list that you will use in your email marketing campaign.

Yes, its true that you can reach millions of people through this kind of promotional effort, but only to the degree that the people or companies on your list are real existing entities, with the right addresses.

The Need to Verify Email Addresses

At the outset of your email marketing campaign, you must set up an email verification system by which you can validate every address on your list. Actually, in our information age, this is easy to do.

There are a lot of online service providers that offers this service for free. But if you are speaking of millions of addresses, you cant rely on these free services. You need to use professional email verification services to ensure that you will get high quality and dependable service.

How Email Addresses are Validated

Basically, there are two ways that email verifiers determine an email address validity, or if it no longer exists. They examine its syntax or perform DNS validation strategies.

The normal syntax used in email addresses is almost always in the form of name@emailservice.com. If the email address has a syntax that is radically different from this basic form, it will not be validated by the email verifier.

The DNS validation method, on the other hand, is focused on checking the Domain Name Service. The DNS entry is behind the @ on an email address. For instance, name@emailservice.com indicates that emailservice.com is the DNS resolution for the layout of the email address.

The DNS verifier will check if this portion of the email address really exists somewhere in the world, and not just a fake domain.

This part of an email address is more difficult to fake as most email servers today receive pingbacks, or an immediate hello to make sure the server is sending an email message to a real entity.

Constant Email Validation is Important

You also need to continue using email verifiers, even if you have already sanitized your previous lists. A lot of things can happen every day, especially in the way modern business is conducted today.

Regularly checking the fidelity of the email addresses on your list will impact on the results of your marketing campaign for the better.

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williambonher September 25, 2015 - emailverifierapp

Focus on Actual Prospects During the Email Verification Process

Since your email list is crucial to the success of your marketing campaign, you should not just perform email verification to sanitize it, but you need to focus on your actual prospects to improve your results.

Cleaning Is Important, But Its Not Enough

Sanitizing your email list is very important because it ensures that you are not wasting your time in sending your email messages to non-existent companies or individuals. But if you really want your sales campaign to succeed, you should do more than just verify email addresses.

Focusing more on your actual customers, on what they really need, and what can really solve their problems, should not take a backseat. These are the things that will make your email list an active, revenue-earning factor in your company.

Sanitizing is Just the First Step

Yes, if you clean your email list, you have performed a crucial step in managing your operations. It will increase the chances of recovering your initial investment faster. However, instead of spending more time in decoding and understanding every bounce code, you need to remove the bad addresses and forget them completely.

Effective email marketing platforms such as Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Get Response and AWeber dont waste their time in bounce backs. Focusing on bounce backs will give them difficulties with their internet service providers.

They know that this practice will also give you some difficulties since you will be forced to take them out from your list before you do your next email marketing campaign.

A Clean Email List is Important

Since the email list is your sales teams lifeblood, the ROI of your email marketing should be above your social media marketing. Invalid emails that are not delivered will continue to give you problems in every email marketing campaign you will undertake.

Therefore, once your email verification process have proven that they are invalid, you should delete them from you list, once and for all, and never bother to examine why they are not real.

Removing bogus and non-working email addresses from your email lists will reduce your bounce rate. Your email server will also be happier if you do so, since he will not be maintaining a list full of non-performing email addresses.

In this regard, an email address verifier that can extinguish invalid emails with its online web service should be preferred. Your server should not disallow you IP address or waste your time just because of this fake email addresses.

You should also choose an email verification service that guarantees a cleaner email list after you use their system. And this service should not just do it just at the start. It should provide high quality service as long as you are dependent on your email lists for the bulk of your sales results.

Since your email list is the lifeblood of your company, you should do everything to guarantee that every address listed in it is always up to date and valid.

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williambonher September 25, 2015 - emailverifierapp

The Typical Steps Taken to Verify Email Addresses

Perhaps you have been sending emails here and there and you have never given a thought on how it is sent to your recipients. Or maybe, you have been receiving constant emails from companies selling you their products and services. All these could not be possible if a service provider did not perform the steps to verify email.

There Are Procedures for Sending and Receiving Emails

You are not able to send or receive email messages just like that. There are certain procedures that service providers have been performing behind the scenes to ensure that the email messages you send or receive are verified or validated.

This is an important service that email verification services provide that ensures that your message is received by the right person, and that the messages you receive in return are from real entities as well.

Steps in Verifying Email Addresses

Most email verification services use 12 ways to verify email addresses. Here are these 12 methods:

1. Domain check the email verifier will run a comprehensive scan of all the domains on a mailing list. They will be classified as being parked, invalid or non-working domains, thus optimizing the open rates.

2. Complainers all email addresses will be scanned to see if there is a match against a providers extensive complainers data base. If a match is found, the email address will be set aside and the owner of the mailing list will be informed regarding the risk.

3. Real-time bounce if you choose this option, the verifier will send verification emails to those included in the list that were not accurately validated.

4. Deduplication this process is done to eliminate all duplicate email addresses on a mailing list. After this is done, the list will only contain valid addresses which will considerably reduce un-subscription rate.

5. Suppressed email this process ensures that your email list will not have any invalid or unsafe email address.

6. Risk the providers robot will scan millions of email addresses to determine the high risk TLDs are and high risk keywords in an email address. Then it will separate them correspondingly.

7. Spam trap every email address will be scanned against a spam trap indicator. This is important to prevent the blacklisting of your IP.

8. Mailbox error this process will easily classify and separate email addresses that produce mailbox errors such as Mailbox full.

9. MTA this process is much more thorough than a scan. Every email address will be checked for their MX records. If an email address has an invalid MX record it will be eliminated.

10. Custom TLDs if you have some custom TLDs that you want deleted from your mailing list, this process will eliminate them. It will identify these addresses that you dont want.

11. Syntax if an email address has an invalid syntax, it will be automatically eliminated from the list. The verifier is able to accurately determine a real email address from a false one.

12. Unbalanced Delimiter the algorithm of this process identifies email addresses with out of balance delimiters.

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