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MarioGomes October 7, 2015 - Ledgerlaw

Is It Good To Hire Your Truck Accident Attorney On Contingency Fees?

Before hiring your truck accident attorney California, you need to first understand the fee structure or how you will be charged for using their services. Some truck accident attorney California firms work for hourly charges while others work on contingency fees. What exactly is contingency fee and what does your truck accident attorney is telling when he or she says that they are working on contingency fee? It simply means that you will need to pay your truck accident attorney only when they win your case and get your settlement.

The question however is it good to hire your truck accident attorney on contingency fees? This actually depends on the terms and condition that you agree upon initially. Added to that, when it comes to contingency fee as the risk level is high for the law firm they will charge a sizeable percentage of your settlement amount as their fee. It could vary anywhere between 30% and 45%. They will therefore try to get the highest settlement possible for you, which in turn will prove to be very beneficial for you.

To understand whether there are any risks in working with your Truck Accident Attorney California law firm on contingency fee we need to take a closer look at the various outcomes of the claim. One of the outcomes is that they fail to win you any money. Here you do not pay anything to your attorney. This averts all risks, as you are not going to pay anything out of your pocket.

The second outcome could be that your case ends very fast without any complications. In this case, paying up to 45% of your settlement could be a frustrating experience as your attorney is likely to be overpaid for his or her efforts. The third possible outcome is that you get a very high settlement of course with a some serious efforts. Here again paying up to 45% of a high settlement could be a painful experience. However, you cannot possibly do anything, as you would have agreed to pay a certain percentage. Before embarking on the filing process, you would have been desperate to get a settlement and you would not have minded paying as high as 45% of the settlement. However, when you actually win the case with a huge settlement amount, your outlook on the entire issue changes which make you feel that you are giving away huge sum of money to your truck accident attorney, California.

It is therefore very important that you sit with your attorney to discuss the fee details and negotiate with them for the best rates. You should also be cognizant of the fact that your attorney or his law firm is taking a lot of risk in accepting your case on contingency fee basis. After spending their time and putting in all possible efforts there are chances that they get paid nothing as they fail to win the case in your favor. It is to offset such risks attorneys charge such high percentage of the settlement amount. Added to that, they could also be underpaid because of a tough opponent or because your case is weak. Sometimes attorneys try to fleece their clients with their hidden fee. This could prove to be a risky area if you have not made it a point to clarify things with your attorney before signing up with them. It is always best to ask them what are the different components of their charges and what other fee that you are likely to pay them besides the contingency fee. It is also important to have everything put down in paper so that you do not run into problems at a later stage. Never stop with oral agreements with your law firm. Whatever has been agreed upon should be put in written form in clear terms. If you do not understand anything fully, it is your responsibility to have things clarified before signing up so that if need be you could amend the agreement. There is no use seeking clarification after you have signed up with your law firm. You could avert many risks with a bit of caution.


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MarioGomes October 6, 2015 - Ledgerlaw

Are There Any Risks In Hiring A Truck Accident Attorney?

Not everyone fancies the idea of working with an attorney even if it is for filing an accident claim. Even those who approach legal professionals for filing accident claims do so with great hesitation and apprehension. One of the questions that clients have when it comes to hiring a truck accident attorney or a personal injury attorney is whether there are any risks in hiring a truck accident attorney. Before we delve deeper into any discussion on this matter the immediate answer to this question is no there is no risks in hiring an attorney for filing your accident claim as long as you have managed to find the most reputed and the best truck accident attorney California has to offer.

What are the fears of clients in hiring a truck accident attorney? One of the fears is that it is an expensive affair to hire an accident attorney. While this could be a legitimate fear, you should first try to talk to a few accident attorneys before you jump into conclusions. You will be surprised to learn that most of the lawyers do not require you to pay anything upfront. You will be paying them only when they manage to successfully get your compensation settlement. You will be paying them a certain percentage as their fee, which means that you are not paying anything out of your pocket.

Another major fear that people have is that the attorney that they work with may not act in the clients best interests. This points to the credibility of the accident attorney. Every industry including the legal industry has both professional and not so professional people. It is your responsibility to find a credible truck accident attorney in California. When you spend adequate time reviewing your attorney you will not run into problems such as bad representation or misrepresentation of your claim.

Yet another fear is that attorney that one hires may not be all that faithful to their client and may try to talk them into lesser settlement because they are working hand in glove with their opponents. Though this is not uncommon in the industry, not everyone operates this way. There are many trustworthy and credible accident attorneys. Always ask for references and try to learn as much as possible about the reputation of your attorney. The chances of running into risks while hiring your attorney is lesser when you screen them properly. You could also ask your friends for known names in the industry. You should know that there are many truck accident attorneys in California that are fully committed to offering the best legal services to their customers.

There is nothing wrong in having such fears because these fears are normally based on clients past experience. You should at the same time make sure that your fears are not irrational and unfounded. Yet another factor you will need to remember here is that legal professionals earn their living by helping people in their legal matters. The legal industry is a highly competitive industry. It is not enough to be an expert in legal matters to be successful here. If an accident attorney is successful, it is not only because he is an expert but it is also mainly because he is an expert with integrity. In other words, you do not have to be paranoid while hiring the legal professionals but look for attorneys that have established their reputation in the industry.

If you are going to avoid approaching a legal professional just because of your preconceived opinions about truck accident attorneys then you will be the loser. You should rather take a more practical approach by proactively looking for reputed and honest attorneys in the industry. You will certainly find someone that will effectively represent you legally and help you get a fair settlement. Before finalizing your accident attorney in California, you should make use of the free consultation that they offer. This will help in two ways. Firstly, it will help the attorney understand your case and establish whether you have a valid claim or not and secondly, it will be helpful for you to learn how comfortable you will be working with a particular attorney.


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