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David Leonhardt January 2, 2017 - Strictly Business

Testimonials are critical for any website. Here are some tips to make them work.


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Writers Per Hour April 21, 2016

Brian Huges mentioned writersperhour.com in his excellent, as usual, article on Huffington Post - "How to close more B2B deals with #case #studies."

Nowadays companies and corporations worldwide are changing the way they sell online. We can see how content marketing is becoming more and more popular each day.

#Content strategists are utilizing different ways to promote their products or #services using their knowledge in the field of online marketing. Some people think that content #marketing is about how much content you produce, but it's much deeper. Content marketing is a pretty far-reaching term that encompasses an entire type of marketing strategy and many different content styles.

The author of the article draws attention to the ways you can use case studies and customer testimonials for your content marketing #strategy.

After spending 6 minutes reading this post you will find out:
1) What is b2b content marketing?
2) What is the best content marketing strategy for B2B in 2016?
3) Why are customer testimonials powerful?
4) How to use case studies for business #writing?
5) Where to get #help with case studies and #customer #testimonials writing?