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thestrategyinstitute October 9 - Business Strategy

5 Business Strategies to Rule the World — With Case studies
There is no single way to define business strategy. Successfully serving customer demands; earning handsome payoffs; or capturing the local market in the initial run; 100 different business leaders could define it in 100 different ways.

Not every business starts to become the most influential or beat the competition. Many startups setup with an ultimate aim to become appealing enough for acquisition by bigger fishes.

Then, how do you define business strategy framework, and more importantly how do you implement it to set yourself in the right direction.
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thestrategyinstitute September 18 - Business Strategy

Why Is A Strategy Important To Run A Business?
What’s important to run a successful business? Leaders, hardworking employees, or experience? All are important, but if you don’t have a well-defined strategy it gets extremely challenging to materialize business goals. Not having a strategy in place is like running an old machine which is bound to crumble any time.

As is said, “By failing to prepare, you are planning to fail”. A good business strategy acts as a blueprint for business operations in which each business function works in sync to deliver a common business goal.

What is a business strategy?

Firstly, a business strategy is not a business plan, which is usually the case. It does, however, accentuate the benefits of a business plan in that it offers a direction for execution. A business strategy takes into account one or two factors that will contribute to the success of a business.

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thestrategyinstitute August 6 - Business Strategy

Why is Strategic Management Critical for a Company’s Success?

Strategic management is a trending topic discussed by experts from multiple industries on various platforms. The need and benefits of strategic management are being talked over at length to conclude how a strategic approach can lead to effective decision making. If you are intrigued to get an in-depth understanding of strategic management can be advantageous for your business, you are in the right place.

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