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Amelia Grant February 5, 2019 - Healthy Living

What Do Mysterious Stains on Your Gums Mean?
Sometimes when examining your gums or simply cleaning your teeth, you may notice strange white or dark stains on your gums. They often don’t hurt or bring any discomfort. Why do they appear? Are they dangerous?
If you notice such stains, keep your eye on them. If they don’t disappear within two or three days, it’s best to make an appointment with your periodontist. They could either be harmless or be the sign of some oral health problems.
Possible Causes of Gum Stains
1. Poor oral hygiene
Do you clean your teeth twice a day for two minutes? Did you floss? Rinse your mouth? Not following these rules will surely cause oral problems. Lack of proper oral hygiene can lead to numerous oral health issues, and irritated gums are one of them. The stains appear as a result of this neglect. However, they will disappear as soon as you start maintaining proper oral hygiene.
2. Stomatitis
It’s the reaction of your body’s immune system to threatening factors. An oral mucosa becomes swollen, painful and red. There can be white or yellow plaque all over it. This disease can develop into a dangerous complication, so it requires immediate treatment.
3. Candidiasis
These curd-like stains cover the oral mucosa. They can develop into ulcers that infect the soft tissues. This condition brings discomfort while chewing and swallowing and even fever. It is a fungus that requires treatment.
4. Leukoplakia
It is also a reaction of your body on to certain irritants, usually concerning your GI tract. It can also occur because of some oral injuries, poor quality of dental treatment or smoking. It is dangerous because of the risk of malignization.
What to Do When You Notice These Stains?
There is no need to hurry to the doctor. Try to do the following and see what happens.
Avoid chewing food on the side of the jaw where the stain is
Avoid eating foods of extreme temperatures
Try to only eat soft food
Rinse your mouth with salt water
Be sure your oral hygiene is perfect
If the stain appeared as a result of an injury or lack of hygiene, it will disappear within several days. But if it doesn’t disappear or, on the contrary, becomes bigger or starts bringing discomfort, it may be a sign of gum disease that requires medical treatment.

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