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Intelliverse February 20 - Blogs

The task of filling the pipeline with leads is quite similar to a marathon with no foreseeable finish line when you do not have a set goal. Without being aware of the targets, sales reps wouldn’t be compelled to keep going, nor would they be inspired to push through the monotony. This would eventually lead to a scenario known as ‘Prospecting Burnout’.

Preventing the sales members from the exhaustion of Prospecting Burnout should be the primary concern of sales managers. Most sales managers are aware of this, as they would have been on the hamster wheel of filling the funnel for many years of their sales career. One of the ideal methodologies to achieve a balance between hitting the quota and cultivating new leads is to implement Micro Sales Campaigns. intelliverse.com/blog/… #salesprospecting #salesprocess #salesmanagement #sales