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MorningMotivation November 20, 2017 - Happiness

8 Friends You Need to be Happy in Life by @bakadesuyo #Happiness #Friends #Relationships


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Marie Dina April 9, 2017 - Dating after 50+

LOVE & THE BALLOT BOX...........Your #relationships are not up for a vote from those that try to in influence you.

You can't allow others decide for you.

Ballot boxes are meant for you and you alone to use as a measuring point.

You create the pluses and minuses in your mind needed to make your decisions.

You evaluate the person and decide for yourself if this is what you are looking for in

a relationship. #Dating allows you to sift through information presented by the new

person sitting across you.

Your instincts lead you at all times even when you are now aware of them.

Having a gut feeling about someone? That's your instincts talking to you.

Similar likes and dislike are not all that is required to finding a #partner.

#Feelings of comfort on a first date could be a good sign.

It is all up to you. What others say may have some validity, however, it's up to you to

sift through what is being said. The choices belong to you alone.


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Marie Dina February 5, 2017 - Dating after 50+

Are you trying to rescue someone you just met ?
Some people often feel sorry for someone that has just come into their life
on a first #date.
Your date spends their time with you telling you all the sad things that have happened
to them. How they were rejected blah,blah,blah.
What they really may be doing is trying to gain your sympathy through saying they just have no luck in #relationships through no fault of their own. You must be on watch with these often rejected strays. I don't recommend second dates.

Always be leery of people like that. They tend to never take responsibility for past actions. They may be afraid to be left behind and latch on to you to improve their life.

Don't let your ego think that it's you that is meant to be their savior.