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rhaudiopa September 8

※ Speaker unit: 6.5inch woofer + 1.5inch tweeter.
※ Durable case.
※ Easy to install with brackets supported.
※ Suitable for in/outdoor use.
※ Metal enclosure & grille.
※ 70V/100V line voltage input.

The RH-AUDIO high power outdoor speakers RH-CS8 Series are designed with unique 2-Way System of 8" woofer and 1.5" horn shaped tweeter, delivering extraordinary middle and low frequency sound reproduction while the tweeter round out the high sound pressure level.

They are used in 100 volt line (or 70 volt) public address systems and have been designed to offer a highly cost effective solution for installers without compromising on appearance or performance.

Fitted with very high quality driver units and tweeter for an efficient, dynamic response,and their durable,galvanized steel cabinet have been carefully designed to ensure optimum dispersion and throw characteristics essential for column speaker installations.

Each speaker also has various power tappings on the transformer with a length of wiring on the rear for selecting output power.
Easy and secure wall mount installation in outdoor area through the supplied strong metal mounting brackets,could be adjusted as request.This series of column speakers are typically suitable for all-weather applications such as stadium courts,golf courses, playgrounds swimming pools etc.

Thanks to the RH-AUDIO IP based pa system, the sleepless tourist spot - Phu Quoc Moonrise Beach Resort enjoys playing diverse kinds of programs with the Public Address Loudspeaker at different locations of the resort, all the system devices are managed on the special software installed on the IP PA system server.
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ESGCC global September 3

Some knowledge of power transformers
1. How does a power transformer transform voltage?

The transformer is made according to electromagnetic induction. It consists of an iron core stacked with silicon steel sheets (or silicon steel sheets) and two sets of coils wound on the iron core. The iron core and the coils are insulated from each other without any electrical connection.

It has been proved by the theory that the voltage ratio of the primary coil to the secondary coil of the transformer and the turns ratio of the primary coil to the secondary coil is related. There are fewer secondary coils than primary coils, which is a step-down transformer. Otherwise, it is a step-up transformer.

2. What are the components of the power transformer components?

Transformer components are mainly composed of iron core and coil, in addition to the oil tank, oil pillow, insulating sleeve, and tap opening.

3. What is the role of power transformer oil?

The functions of transformer oil are insulation and heat dissipation.

4. How is the voltage regulator adjusted?

The structure of the voltage regulator is the same as the autotransformer, and the iron core is made into a ring coil and wound on the ring core.

The secondary coil tap uses a sliding brush contact to make the contact slide in a ring along the surface of the coil to achieve a smooth voltage regulation.

5. What is the voltage change rate of the transformer?

The voltage change rate of the voltage regulator is one of the main performance indexes of the transformer. When the transformer supplies power to the load, the voltage at the load end of the transformer will inevitably drop. The ratio of the reduced voltage value to the rated voltage value is the rate of voltage change.

6. How to ensure that the transformer has a rated voltage output?

Too high or too low voltage will affect the normal operation and service life of the transformer, so the voltage must be adjusted.

The method of voltage regulation is to draw several taps in the primary coil to connect to the tap opening. The tap opening changes the number of turns of the coil by rotating the contacts. As long as the position of the tap changer is turned, the required rated voltage value can be obtained. It should be noted that voltage regulation should usually be performed after the load connected to the transformer is cut off.

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35kV Power Transformer/KEMA cetificate/LEEEC

Oil-immersed Power Transformer/Power Transfomer/Electric Transformer/500kV

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ESGCC global August 30

What is the power transformer
The power transformer is an electromagnetic component. It is static electrical equipment that transforms alternating current and is widely used in almost all electronic products. It is used to change the power generated by the power station to high voltage and reduce the loss during transmission, so as to facilitate long-distance power transmission.

The function of the power transformer:

The functions of the power transformer can be divided into the following three main functions: voltage conversion, power transmission, and insulation isolation.

Principle of power transformer:

The principle of the transformer is the electromagnetic induction to transmit signals from one circuit to another circuit; the coil connected to the power supply, which receives AC power, called the primary winding; the coil connected to the load, which sends AC power, is called the secondary winding.

Structure of power transformer:

The structure of the transformer is composed of iron core and winding. The main magnetic circuit of the transformer is composed of an iron core, and the iron core is divided into two parts of the iron core column and the horizontal piece. The circuit part of the transformer is formed by winding the enameled original wire or double-wire insulated flat wire.

Classification of power transformers:

According to usage: power transformer; special transformer; instrument transformer; test transformer.

Divided by winding form: double winding transformer; three winding transformer; autotransformer.

According to the form of iron core: core transformer; bright transformer; amorphous alloy transformer.

Divided by the number of phases: single-phase power transformer; three-phase power transformer.

Divided by cooling method: dry-type power transformer; oil-immersed power transformer.

According to the size of the transmission power: 10KVA above is high power; 10KVA~0.5KVA is medium power; 0.5KVA~25VA is low power; 25VA below is micropower.

Purpose of power transformer:

The power transformer can be stepped up or stepped down. When implementing the long-distance transmission of power, the power transformer is used to increase the voltage to the point of use and then reduce the voltage to the required voltage amplitude. The iron core in the transformer can produce an alternating magnetic field.

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500kV Power Transformer,120MVA-720MVA, Three-Phase, Double Windings Off-circuit Tap-changing Power Transformer

35kV Power Transformer/KEMA certificate/LEEEC

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