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Landscaper Basingstoke July 6

Whether your patio delight in the sun all day or functions as a shady escape enclosed by #plants or #trees, there are some amazing #patio_plants that you can choose to make your space beautiful.


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Appsinvo Pvt Ltd June 5

We rely on nature for our #health, #food, jobs, and many more. So it is our #responsibility to protect our #environment because if you #protect it, it’ll protect us.
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bjpalmtree May 21

The simulated green sculpture of large decorative plants is also called plant sculpture, simulated animal green sculpture, simulated plant sculpture, etc. As an important member of the simulation plant, the simulation green carving is now popular with consumers and widely used in modern city squares, theme parks, resorts, ecological gardens and scenic spots. Various forms of green sculpture are exquisite and vivid, creating a perfect spatial effect and improving the landscape theme.

We often see such large decorative plants green sculpture in some stations or parks. Some imitate the model of the station, some are model books, which give people a feeling of recalling the past. Different regional cultures in China, simulated green sculpture can also show and enhance the cultural color of each region. A simulation landscape green sculpture full of artistic creativity and independent innovation is produced by various and colorful plant green sculptures. The application of simulation landscape green sculpture can be classified as memorial, thematic, decorative art, etc., and can be divided into simulation landscape green sculpture with iconicity, abstraction and static in terms of main expression.

The simulated large decorative plants green sculpture should be combined with the building, road, greening and other public service facilities in the residential area to play the role of decoration and landscape enrichment. For special occasions, the central square and main public building areas, thematic and commemorative simulation sculptures are considered. Simulation green sculpture has become a beautiful landscape in many cities at home and abroad. It can not only bring people a very ornamental visual effect but also show different cultures according to different cities. Creative green sculpture needs a variety of plants with rich forms and colours, and the plasticity and life span of simulation plants are very high.


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