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Phillip Haumesser August 2, 2017

This is one of the photos that we go through on my free course. This was taken with an old Canon t2i and a $30 lens. You can download the RAW file and follow along in the course.

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Canon t2i | Panasonic 50mm 1.7 | 1/250 | ISO 100 Aperture 1.7

  • Gathering Clover via Phillip Haumesser


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Steven Hughes July 7, 2016 - Self Improvement

3 Ways to Find Your Peace #selfimprovement #peaceful #zen


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Andrew Andriantsiratahina September 25, 2015 - Portraits of a landscape

~ The Bluehour sunrise ~
I wish I can go back to days where everything was simple. I wish I can once again see the fields green and alive.
But this land's dying and we're the ones responsible.
But there is still hope, if we're willing to change, and this picture is the proof, that Eden was once here.
Matsiatra, Fianarantsoa, Madagascar

#EOSM #avlspectroplasm #highlands #ricepaddies #fields #greenfields #rice #morning #clouds #Madagascar #mountains #quiet #peaceful

  • ~ The Bluehour sunrise ~
I wish I can go back to days where ... via Andrew Andriantsiratahina