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karen minton July 30, 2018 - McAfee Activate

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Netflix Profile Icons are Getting Renovated
Recently, Netflix stated that its profile icons are getting a huge conversion. While the ability to make profiles was first introduced five years ago and the profile icons are also for the long overdue for a modern look. Though not only the classic icons are being updated, but from now you will also be able to choose a character directly from a trendy Netflix original series.

When it was first introduced, then the profile icons that you could choose from weren’t anything more impressive. In fact, they were quite ordinary.

During the announcement, Netflix wrote: the company announcing a progression of profiles. All those profile icons which users have used from the last five years and are now also getting an amusing makeover. However, the companies will also introduce a collection of new icons which includes most adored characters directly from Netflix shows and movies.

Here, just a look at all amazing features that reach up to you.

Netflix Profile Icon Maker
However, the profiles will allow each member of your household that all have their individual list of favorite shows in the Netflix. And by this user can also set up profiles for their kids that show the suitable content which is only related to your child’s age.

Moreover, it is very nice to see that all old cartoon icons are now getting a new modern design. But it’s even better to easily choose a character from the popular original Netflix shows like Stranger Things; Orange is the New Black, Luke Cage, Fuller House, and many more to continue. There will be more than 100 new icons which rolling out soon.

Still, the Netflix continuously tries to bring some more new features and also other options to its streaming service over the past few weeks. Last week, the company was also rolling out a new TV experience with a sidebar only for the easier navigation. Now the Netflix also updated Fast.com, it’s a web-based speed test tool, for including more detailed data. And before that, the company were also introduced automatic downloads of latest episodes of your beloved shows on Android. The latest change to the profile icons is now the other welcome improvement directly from the video streaming giant. Though, the new profile icons are automatically rolling out to the website, TV devices, and also in the mobile apps in the upcoming weeks.

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