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Roslyn Lee February 24, 2017 - #EchoParkian

I love living in #echopark. Not only is the city rich in cultural history, it is close to DTLA, has TONS of hike trails, and is home to the beautiful Echo Park Lake. Some of my favorite treasures are simply the abundance of exotic fruits and plants you can find walking through the neighborhoods. Would you believe; I stumbled across a Kaffir lime tree! #kaffirlime #leaves are potent and valueable. What a treasure. I asked the homeowner if I could pick some leaves the other day. The limes in #thisdrankofmine were fallen off the tree. The leaves are a staple in Thai, Indonesian, and other Asian cuisine and also used to make fragrant baths and oils. The fruit is very tart like a #lime. Went succulently with some #BicardiLimon and #freshherbs #fromthegarden. Oy veh! #gardensofechopark

  • Kaffir Limes & Bicardi Limon via Roslyn Lee