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Richard Smith July 2, 2015

Things Find A Way - Handcrafted Surrealism by Richard Smith

  • Things Find A Way - Richard Smith via Richard Smith
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    Richard Smith July 2, 2015

    One of my favorite phrases is "There is always a way." I read that in a character sketch when I was young, and its simple optimism has always resonated with me. It also brings to mind "life finds a way" from Jurassic Park, but since I'm working with things – elements of a composition – then the title of this piece feels appropriate, especially because this it took unusually long to gestate in my mind's eye before becoming clear. The impulse was the bridge, spotted one weekend afternoon in a local park near my home. I rode past it while running an errand around golden hour time, and turned around in my car to go back and get the shot. Earlier that weekend I'd taken a snapshot of the hübnerite and quartz in the background (which found itself here all the way from Peru), and I knew the two could somehow work together in a Fortress of Solitude kind of fashion. Add to that a found crow feather (seen also in Wired To Heaven), cloud tops seen from an airplane, the emerging face of a stranger, along with some conveniently nearby fauna... and voila: every thing in this piece found its way into the final assemblage. More at my site: RSMITHINGS.com


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