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senzeal May 18

How to Take Care of a Betta Fish: History, Life Span, Feeding, and Tank Setup

If you want to feeding a betta fish while on vacation,there are somethings you need to know.

"Betta splendens" is undoubtedly a unique fish. Even among its "labyrinth fish" relatives, such as gouramis (Anabantidae family), a betta is a true standout.

Betta fish has always been a favorite of novices and advanced aquarists. However, despite their popularity in the fish world, many people are still unfamiliar with their care requirements.

In general, this stems from the expectations of bettas, which they believe can be maintained by cheap and widespread exaggeration of their hardiness.

Here are the things you really need to know to take good care of betta, including their history, lifespan, feeding requirements, fish tank settings,such as led light for betta fish tank, mini betta heater. So you can make your betta grow strong and happy.

Get to Know the Betta Fish
But to help them live this long, you will need to provide them with the right fish tank, food, light, and mental stimulation.

Betta fish naturally live in the small, warm standing waters of tropical Southeast Asia, especially Thailand. About 150 years ago, in Thailand, bettas became pets. At that time, children would collect them from rice fields and put them together to watch them spar. As these competitions became more popular, the King of Siam began to regulate and tax betta.

Betta caught European attention in 1840 when the king donated several of them to a Danish doctor named Dr. Theodore Cantor. He researched and bred betta fish, and by the 1890s betta was imported to France and Germany. The first betta did not enter the United States until 1910.

The average life of betta is about 3-4 years. But to help them live this long, you need to provide them with the right fish tank, food, light, and mental stimulation.

Betta Fish Tank Settings
Many people may think that betta can live in a small bowl, which is actually very inaccurate. The fish should not be forced to live in a bowl. The cause of this misunderstanding is not entirely clear, but it seems to stem from the fact that bettas are able to breathe air and survive in hypoxic environments. They are able to do this due to their "labyrinth organ," which allows them to breathe air to a certain extent. It also allows them to gulp food from the water surface without worrying about the air disrupting their swim bladder.

However, bettas don't actually like small habitats, but instead, use these environments to evade their competitors and predators (they cannot survive there). Betta fish, like other fish, are also sensitive to the effects of ammonia. They are actually prone to fin rot and other maladies—due to their long fins—and a poorly maintained or undersized fish tank can increase their risk or exacerbate an already developing issue. So, if your pet betta is not attacked by competitors and predators, don't you want to give them more space to thrive, not just survive?

Betta Fish Tank Size
The minimum capacity of the tank size for a betta is 5 gallons. There is not much swimming space, so you can even make a 10-gallon tank-just make sure the tank is not super deep. Since bettas are used to swimming left-to-right in shallower waters, a deep tank is not ideal for their habits. You should also choose a standard square tank over a bowl. The rounded sides of bowls—and a relatively small opening at the top—seriously limit filter options. Because bettas are very sensitive to bacterial diseases, it is critical that their habitats have an effective filtration system.

Betta Fish Tank Temperature
Betta fish is also sensitive to water temperature, so for tank owners, aquarium heaters are a must not an option for betta fish’s sake. The betta fish strongly prefers temperatures (78-82°F) that are even higher than most other tropical fish.

Feed Betta Fish
As a carnivore, betta fish actually live by eating insects and larvae, so you need to provide them with a balanced fish food rich in protein. Betta fish can be fed flakes, pellets, or frozen foods that are specially made for them. These foods will contain the levels of a protein that suit their needs.

There are two common rules for feeding betta: Provide only enough food to get your fish to finish in 2 minutes. If you have a fish, they will grind when they eat, you can give them 5 minutes. The size of a meal should be equal to 5% of Betta's body size.

Betta fish have no sensory ability when they are full, so you have to give your betta fish the right amount of food. Do not feed betta more than twice a day.

Betta Fish Temperament
Although bettas may be called "Siamese fighting fish", they are not as despicable as their fame imagines. The moniker comes from the tendency of male bettas, which are highly territorial, to attack each other on sight. Male bettas have even been known to attack their own image in a mirror. Needless to say, this fish should not live with other bettas (including female bettas); bettas are just too grouchy with each other.

Betta is attractive. There are many reasons to want a pet betta. However, betta fish require the same care and equipment as other fish. They should not be seen as a substitute for lower maintenance replacements.

In the last, the only good reason to buy a betta is that you really want a betta. Here’s the Best Double Betta Fish Tank recommended for you.

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xinrunplastic May 12

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hoanisolator May 9

Application of Wire Rope Isolator for Vibration Damping in Vibration and Shock Isolation

With the deepening of isolation research and the development of isolation technology, nonlinear isolators suitable for various occasions have emerged. Laminated springs for the automotive industry are widely used in China. The principle is to use the dry friction between the steel plates to reduce the vibration and impact caused by the unevenness of the road. There are metal conical coil springs for the civil industry, as well as air springs.

During the entire deformation process of the wire rope shock mounts, sliding friction will occur between each wire rope, which consumes a large amount of energy and has a high equivalent damping ratio. Moreover, the wire rope anti vibration mounts exhibit nonlinear softening characteristics in a large deformation range, the stiffness decreases as the deformation increases, and the vibration isolation rate increases. Therefore, the good broadband isolation performance of the wire rope isolator for vibration damping is especially suitable for the application of vibration and shock environment isolation.

The wire rope shock mounts have only been developed in the last 30 years. Compared with the above-mentioned isolators, it has four distinct advantages:
①Nonlinear soft characteristics;
②Multi-directional isolation, high damping ratio;
③Corrosion, high and low temperature resistance;
④Compact structure and light weight.

At present, the common wire rope anti vibration mounts have several types of spiral, arch and ring. But in either case, they are made of stainless steel wire rope wound or bent. Their common advantage is the three-way protection of the equipment, reliable operation in high temperature and harsh environments, wide load range, unlimited storage period and service life. In terms of impact resistance, it can achieve maximum impact attenuation in a minimum space, and its vertical allowable deformation can reach 40~60% of the height of the vibration isolator. In foreign countries, they are used in the transportation of some equipment to replace the impact-resistant packaging of raw plastics and rubber. Rocket and missile transport vehicles also use it. In terms of ships, it passed the tests of light impact machines, heavy impact machines and floating impact platforms to meet the requirements of MIL-S-901 and MIL-STD-167. The wire rope isolator has excellent durability and fatigue. A vibration isolator with a diameter of 2.4 mm has been tested for up to 150 hours and seven million tests at 13 Hz and ±1.5 mm amplitude. The result is safe and sound.

For a 1.5mm wire rope isolators damping with a 1.5mm diameter, a sweep vibration test up to 10KHZ was performed, and the vibration isolation effect was 95%. This proves that the wire rope isolator for vibration damping can isolate small amplitude and structural noise. Wire rope anti vibration mounts are widely used in vibration and shock isolation of instruments, instruments, control boxes, etc., and some of the original rubber vibration isolators have been replaced by wire rope shock mounts.

Xi'an Hoan Microwave Co. Ltd., headquartered in China, Xi’an city, was founded in 2005, is a premier supplier of Industry Energy Absorption and Vibration Isolation Products. Contact us today to see how our wire rope mounts can benefit your special equipment application demands or in any way that we can help you meet your production requirements.

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