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Application of Galvanized Steel Pipe
Welded steel pipe has hot dip and the electro galvanized coating on the surface of galvanized steel pipe. Galvanized steel pipe can increase the corrosion resistance of steel pipe and prolong its service life.

Galvanized steel pipes uses are wide, not only as pipelines for water delivery, gas, oil and other general low-pressure fluids, but also for oil well pipes and oil pipelines in petroleum industry, especially in offshore oil fields, oil heaters, condensing coolers, coal distillate wash oil exchangers for chemical coking equipment, trestle pipe piles. Galvanized steel pipes can also support frame pipes for mine tunnels, etc.

Because galvanized steel pipe is galvanized on the steel pipe. Galvanized square pipe is widely used in mechanical manufacturing, curtain wall, construction, shipbuilding, steel construction project, steel structure engineering, solar power generation support, electrical engineering, agricultural and chemical machinery, power plant, automobile chassis, airport, etc.

Advantages of galvanized steel pipe

1. Hot dip galvanizing has uniform coating, strong adhesion and long service life;

2. Strong corrosion resistance;

Application fields:

Galvanized steel pipe is widely used in construction, machinery, coal mine, chemical industry, railway vehicles, automobile industry, highway, bridge, container, sports facilities, agricultural machinery, petroleum machinery, exploration machinery and other manufacturing industries.

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Broadcast&TV LED Screen
Backdrop screen for stage is super-bright and smart, which improves the quality of the images. With advanced technological development in LED screen stage backdrop, the display can be showed in any size or shape. The backdrop led screen can be customized according to the visual objectives of the events. Broadcast LED screens can be customized in size and shape to provide the audience with a seamless visual experience.

The LED Video Screen Solution to Achieve High Audience Ratings

Take your studio to the next level with our innovative stage LED display. Order a large and flexible LED video wall to communicate with your viewers more efficiently or ask us for a new customized solution that fits your needs.

hy Flex LED Screens for Broadcast
HD Backdrop Image
The perception of the show’s professionalism and credibility is influenced largely by the quality of the images. Our fine-pixel-pitch LED stage display screen can help.

Signal and Power Backup
Continuous operation without interruptions, also reliability, calibration, and ease of adjustment (changing the color temperature and colorimetry when the studio lighting changes)—all these factors are of equal importance.

Overwhelming Visuals on Any Scale

Flexible Sizes, Shapes and Mounting Options
Extensive range of digital displays including transparent mesh screens, solid slim screens, curved displays, creative flexible displays, and interactive media floors, regardless of scale or complexity.

Remote power supply system, specially designed for our solutions, could be located up to max 15meters from the screen, extending the life of your LED screens and keeping the construction of the final product slim, lightweight, and compact.

Create custom-shaped screens in any size

Supporting structures and content management systems

Curved Displays Create a Sense of Depth
The modern audience may enjoy their screens, but that doesn’t mean you should completely discount the physical experience. Appeal to your customers in a way that engages their audio and visual senses as well as their physical sense of space.

An increasing number of TV studios are using curved LED screen to create an atmosphere of HD appeal. Curved screens can highlight the speaker visually, using convex or concave optimization.

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LED Displays for Cinema
LED theater screen creates an infinite contrast that brings fine details of the movie to the screen, providing the audience with an amazing experience of immersion. A curved theater screen allows the viewers' peripheral vision to be deeply involved than the experience of a traditional one. A modern cinema environment created by LED theater screens to improve the experience of promoting, informing, and entertaining. Custom led screens are available from Viewpointec.

A Better Cinema Experience

Display digital movie posters, digital signage session times, LED display menu boards at the candy bar, curved cinema screen, or digital signs that direct customers to the appropriate auditorium—today, a cinema digital display screen is a great promotion strategy.

How We Increase Efficiency and Theater Profits

Platform for Promoting, Informing, and Entertaining
Movie theaters have a high dwelling time, and moviegoers are more likely to embrace theater advertising than advertising on the internet or television.

Therefore, theater managers use HD LED digital signage to create opportunities to engage interactions and improve communication.

This digital cinema technology is proved to be very useful for concession stands and can significantly enhance the LED investment's ROI.

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