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C.Chudasama June 16 - Rebar Detaling Services

Archdraw Outsourcing is a leading #RebarDetaling company specialized in #detailing, #drawing, #3Dmodeling, & #estimation. We have the expertise and the #manpower to detail over #3000 tons of rebar per month. We have a #team of skilled and qualified #architects and #engineers who provide #RebarDetalingServices to #clients in #Australia. Reach out to us, We are providing our services uninterrupted during the #lockdown. Know More Details at bit.ly/37A9RF3

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tjkmachinery June 10


Wire Mesh Welding Machine
GWCZ2400/2800/3300 has advanced technology is introduced from Europe,lots of parts have patent for invention

Line wires will be fed into welding point automatically by servo motor.While welding, a next batch line wires can be loaded and fed. It makes the production continuous.

Welding system is designed for the deformed and plain wire.

Welding transformers are water cooled and a thermostat monitors over-heating.

Maximum welding speed 60–90 strokes per minute.

Automatic cross wire feeding which is driven by the servo motor.

TJK MACHINERY Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine has been sold nearly 1000 pcs around the world,we are one of the most professional mesh welding machine manufacturers in China.

#wire #drawing #machine #china

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kristy perry April 22

Check out the benefits of using #2D #designing & #drawing for your engineering units bit.ly/2wXNNX6