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Invite Friend & Earn Money | HYIKE Referral

HYIKE is an online gaming hub where you can download and play multiple game at one place.

Now recently HYIKE has launched a new board game - Real Money LUDO with a referral program.

Invite your friends to play LUDO online and earn real money directly to your wallet account.

The HYIKE's LUDO is completely free to download and you will also get Rs 100 as a first sign up bonus and Rs 50 on every successful referral.

How HYIKE's Referral Works -

1. Share app to your friends via whats-app or mail
2. The receiver needs to download via referral link
3. The receiver has to insert the referral code.
4. The receiver needs to make at least one transaction after registering
5. After the successful first transaction, both users will get rewarded with bonus account.

Now make money online with real money board game with HYIKE.

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