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Marie Dina February 5, 2017 - Dating after 50+

Are you trying to rescue someone you just met ?
Some people often feel sorry for someone that has just come into their life
on a first #date.
Your date spends their time with you telling you all the sad things that have happened
to them. How they were rejected blah,blah,blah.
What they really may be doing is trying to gain your sympathy through saying they just have no luck in #relationships through no fault of their own. You must be on watch with these often rejected strays. I don't recommend second dates.

Always be leery of people like that. They tend to never take responsibility for past actions. They may be afraid to be left behind and latch on to you to improve their life.

Don't let your ego think that it's you that is meant to be their savior.


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Marie Dina September 19, 2015 - Dating after 50+

When we #date we like our date to share things. You might say something like...you look nice this evening...but get no response other than," I know."

Maybe they are too vain and egotistical as well.


I for one enjoy my dates saying I look especially nice, some of the time.

I also compliment my dates as well sometimes.

When your date is totally involved with themselves...You area dating a #narcissist.

You looking to spend all your time or your #future on someone that self involved?


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Marie Dina September 9, 2015 - Dating after 50+

They The One? Maybe Not.
Being swept off your feet can be #exciting. You lose your breath when they hold you in their arms.Your heart beats rapidly every time you see each other. You get impatient until it's time to be together again. Life is wonderful. Or is it.

Now is the time to take a step back and think.

This kind of whirlwind effect can be dangerous to your #love life.

When we are caught up in these types of feelings we cannot make good decisions. We act on emotions which can lead to mistakes.

Now is the time to slow down and take your time.

Good decisions are based on intellect. Evaluate your situation. #Date longer before you decide on a permanent relationship. Hardship and pain can be avoided before you chose to remain in a #relationship.