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taylormarkk1 July 1 - Custom metal fabrication

Promark Tool & Manufacturing Inc offers custom sheet metal fabrication in Toronto with features like quality materials, precise machining with advance technology and proper finishing at very affordable price. Contact Promark Tool & Manufacturing Inc. for more details. #Sheetmetalfabrication #MetalfabricationToronto #Custom metalfabrication bit.ly/3dPgW6b


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hsjfabrication June 15

Custom Laser Welded Parts
Material: Stainless Steel/Aluminum/Iron/SECC

Thickness: 1.5mm

Surface treatment: Spray and powder coating

Process: Blanking - hydraulic forming logo- bending - riveting - internal laser welding - screen printing.

Benefits of laser welding work:
save metal materials and reduce structural weight;

Simplify processing and installation to improve production efficiency;

High structural strength and good sealing of joints; To provide greater flexibility for structural design;

The main technique used for the custom laser welded parts is laser welding fabrication.

The laser welding fabrication process is heat conduction, that is, the laser radiation heating workpiece surface, surface heat through the heat conduction to internal diffusion, through the control of laser pulse width, energy, peak power, and repeat frequency and other parameters, the workpiece melting, forming a specific pool. Due to its unique advantages, it has been successfully applied in the precision welding metal pa
About the blank, We also have laser cutting and fabrication services for this product. Our sheet metal laser cutting service is also very mature. The cut hole has very few burrs. Moreover, laser cutting features high precision and fast production speed.

we are a professional sheet metal fabrication factory with an experienced engineering making custom products according to clients' sheet metal welding drawing. We accept CAD and 3D(IGS, STP, DWG) format.

Packaging of laser welding work:
Suitable to sea transport.

Plastic film & kraft paper packing

Plastic bag packing

Plywood board packing

Wood box packing

Pallet packing

Bundle packing

As per customer's requirement

One-stop service from raw material supply, sheet metal profiling, steel structure fabrication, surface treatment, warehousing to logistics;

We are very accurate in both big hole and a small hole, and we are very confident in our technology and products. We provide custom laser welding for you, such as laser welding steel, laser welding copper, and laser welding metal.

If you are interested in our technology or need our technical support, please feel free to leave a message or contact us via hsj@hsjfabrication.com. We will reply as soon as possible.
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                                        Material: Stainless Steel/A... via hsjfabrication


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szttfuav June 11


Current and voltage sensors
Super-Fast Operating Speed
Built-in BEC & OSD
Full carbon fiber made
Small(er) Size

F4 Flight Controller
This version of the Flip32 AIO uses improved components and design that will properly limit the voltage to the Mini OSD preventing voltage spike and damage to the OSD, which is the best F4 Flight Controller.

Features of Racing Drone Flight Controller :
• STM103 MCU runs Cleanflight firmware
• 8PWM output, supports Octocopter
• MS5611 Barometer
• Only 35x35mm, mount holes 30x30mm
• Onboard USB (for config the OSD and FC)
• 5V 3A UBEC (2-6S)
• OSD hardware, Compatible with MinimOSD/MWOSD/CC3D OSD
• Small PDB
• Current and voltage sensors
• Better OSD Chip used with less power consumption
• 2x Software serial, 2x Hardware serial ports

Small(er) Size
With the incredibly small size, it can be mounted onto the
more mini-sized airframe (i.e. 130mm or below) and also
features all the functions that regular FC for FPV(s) has.
DShot 150/300/600/1200

Modes Supported
Besides the regular PWM mode,
Oneshot125/Oneshot42/Multishot modes,
the latest DShot150/300/600 modes are
also supported.

Super-Fast Operating Speed
The STM32F405 MCU which features the powerful
computing capacity and super-fast operating speed can
support the PID controller with higher cyclic frequency &
the gyro with higher refresh rate.
Built-in BEC & OSD
The built-in BEC (5V/1.5A) can provide
power for various electronic devices;
the internal OSD allows users to adjust
or set all OSD parameters via the
Betaflight/Cleanflight software easily.
Betaflight/Cleanflight Firmware Supported
The flight controller supports the Betaflight/Cleanflight firmware and allows users
to adjust or set various parameters via the Betaflight/Cleanflight software easily.
It's more applicable to the FPV flight & racing.
Compatible with 4in1 ESC
When pairing the Nano Flight Controller F4 with the 4in1 ESC,
the wiring & installation can be very simple and easy.
As one of the most famous company in China, Shenzhen TitanFlying Technology Co., Ltd can offer you the best price and products.As we all know UAV drones are now more and more popular used for both military and residential use. UAVs have lots of advantages, such as low cost, more effective, no risk of casualties, good maneuverability and easy to use. They play an extremely important role in modern warfare and have a bright future in residential fields. UAVs can be used for mapping, surveying, meteorological exploration, air traffic control, border patrol monitoring, and plant protection and so on. UAVs are constantly developing and improving, and will occupy a very important position in the future.

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  • Racing Drone Flight Controller OMNIBUS F4 OSD via szttfuav