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TrueCADD November 20, 2019 - BIM Services

BIM Execution Plan denoted as BEP can help all the relevant AEC professionals to show their importance, roles and responsibilities for complex construction projects and binding together. Check it out the detailed information about relevancy, benefits and impact of BEP adoption for MEP companies.


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  • Impact of BIM Execution Plan (BEP) Adoption for MEP Firms via TrueCADD


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TrueCADD November 14, 2019 - BIM Services

Mitigating risk in construction projects have played an essential role in plan’s aspects of cost, quality and sustainability. BIM makes construction safer for workers, construction companies, the environment, and for buildings as a whole. Check out here, what the risks factors are and what kind of things you should avoid.


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  • Building Information Modeling for Mitigating Construction Ri... via TrueCADD


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TrueCADD October 4, 2019 - BIM Services

The AEC industry has been revolutionized by 4D and 5D BIM. While 4D BIM adds the time factor in the form of scheduling data into information rich 3D models, 5D BIM integrates design with estimating and costing. These features ensure better management of the effect of change orders on project costs and scheduling.

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  • Benefits of 4D & 5D BIM to Construction Projects via TrueCADD