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donor box February 20 - Fundraising

Awesome #Church #Fundraising Ideas for Your Congregation


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Yantram Studio May 18, 2018 - Architectural rendering service

Modern Church Exterior Designs Ideas by Yantram Architectural Visualization Company - Sydney, Australia

Project 20 : Church Exterior Design
Client : 596.Jeff
Location :Sydney, Australia

These are creative and unique modern concept of church design. The
structures are created in tradition of elevating of the soul, without usual of the cultural shorthand. For more information about church renovations and other architecture and design related projects, Visit yantramstudio.com

Read More -- goo.gl/sNbm98

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  • Modern Church Exterior Designs Ideas by Yantram Architectura... via Yantram Studio


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Jolie Buchanan November 1, 2017 - JBS Black & White

Trinity ~ Jolie Buchanan #reflection #church #bw

  • Trinity via Jolie Buchanan


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