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Incitatus Productions July 21 - Incitatus Productions


Incitatus Productions is well-known for providing services of product video production in Chicago at the lowest price. For more information visit our website.

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macandro July 2 - Amazon Clone

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onemorecouture June 15


How to choose a proper tight fitted wedding dresses, antique inspired wedding dresses?
With the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for wedding dresses are getting higher. should the wedding dress be bought or rented on the wedding day? This problem has also been paid more and more attention to by prospective couples.

Do you want to know if the wedding dress is good to buy or rent? Let's first analyze the situation of the two.

Advantages of buying wedding dress:
1. Clean: Wedding dresses purchased are clean and hygienic (It is not easy to get PF disease ).

2. Fit: No matter how tall and thin you are, it can tailor your dress according to the specific situation to design the most unique wedding dress for you. The design is also tailored for you.

3. Personalization: You can also personally participate in the design of your wedding dress. It is of high flexibility.

4. Collection: Customized wedding dress can be cherished for a lifetime, and even passed on to the next generation, which is very meaningful.

Shortcomings of buying a wedding dress:
1. Expensive: The cheapest wedding dress with superior texture is about 1700, and the investment is large.

2.Time-consuming: We need to arrange enough time to select.

3. Customization cycle is long: it is customized, so the waiting time is longer, generally three months in advance. Only in this way can we have sufficient time to prepare, try on and modify.

4.Bad custody: After all, we are not professionals. We really don't know anything about the maintenance of wedding dresses, and the number of wedding dresses is really a headache.

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