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Ajay Sharma January 31 - Hair Transplant Surgery in India

Biofibre hair transplant is also known as an Inorganic hair transplant and is in trend these days because it comes with less pain and immediate results. The inorganic hair transplant method is popular on both social media and communication channels.

Consult Dr. Amit Gupta, an internationally renowned plastic and Cosmetic surgeon in India.
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✅ Complimentary Personalised Follow up till one year
✅ 6000+ surgeries track record
✅ 300+ celebrity makeover
✅ The markless endoscopic technique used
✅ Centers in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Mumbai

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Ajay Sharma September 30, 2019 - Hair Transplant Surgery in India


Want to grow Long Hair? Follow the blog to explore some of the interesting secrets of Long Hair Transplant.

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Ajay Sharma July 8, 2019 - Hair Transplant Surgery in India

Not every man is blessed with naturally lush facial hair. Some are resigned to that.

Maybe you're not.

You can choose your beard style just like you choose your hairstyle and get that perfect look you always wanted to have.
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