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dhmedal May 20

Marathon medal, what is it? Everyone may have different views on marathon medal, but the only thing that is the same is that marathon medal is an honor for athletes. Next, let's learn what marathon medal is.

Marathon medal is a medal for the lonely;

Marathon is a lonely sport. One runs silently, leaving behind the shouting and screaming. For every ten kilometers of psychological journey, only you yourself knows what you have suffered, the sweat you have flowed, the wind you have passed. For all of these, medals will give you comfort, and prove it.

Marathon medal is the proof of self challenge;

Marathon can't be conquered with a cavity of blood. If you are green man, you should prepare for marathon at least two months in advance, run several times a week, know how long you run, how to train, eat and rest before running, and make reasonable judgment and arrangement on your own situation. How can you control your life and successfully challenge a marathon is the perfect embodiment of self-control.

Marathon medal is the mobile card of the city;

Each marathon medal will be integrated with the local characteristics to show the unique style of the city. As a result, the marathon medal has also become the mobile card of the city. At the same time, most of the race routes integrate the local characteristics, and you will go through important scenic spots and landmark buildings. Each medal is about the culture and memory of a city. When you have dozens of Marathon medals, you will be surprised to find that you have been to so many places.

Marathon medal is the medal of healthy life;

When your friends and colleagues live a life of drinking and preparing, what you gain in the gym, track or marathon track is not only medals, but also a healthy, responsible and purposeful life. You use marathon medals to distinguish you among them and spend a passionate life;

Marathon medals are another collection of hobbies;

There are really people who are medal collectors. But it's not as simple as collecting stamps and coins. You have to pay physical, time, energy, physical and mental hardships to collect marathon medals. If you collect a lot of medals, it's a admiring thing.

There are medals not only for the glory of athletes, but also for more meanings.

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