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LockedAir focuses on providing the total best value solutions in the inflatable protective packaging field. We own a number of patents and real case experience, also set new standards in kinds of applications. LockedAir aims to make a substantial contribution to improving customer packaging safety, cost-effective, and sustainability to ensure significant customer benefit.

Advantages of Air Cushion System

Effective in-box protection while no increase of weight of package.

One roll of LockedAir air pillow can replace 10 rolls of traditional filling material while takes much less storage

Clean and clear buffer, brings good opening experience and good brand image.

Air Cushion Machine
With more than 40 patents worldwide, LockedAir cushion machine differentiates from competitors with neat sealing, more air in bag and leakage free sealing. Locked Air cushion machine is faster, quieter, more compact and more reliable.

We produce air air cushion packaging machine,cushion packing and sealed air inflatable air cushion machine,and also if you want to learn packaging technologies,you can contact us.
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We know that electronic products are fragile.Use ordinary bubble film, still very easy to break in the transportation. Bingjia provide efficient air cushion package to fully protect your products from breakage and deformation during transportation.

BingJia Technology is one of the leading air bag packaging suppliers,we have Air Cushion Packing System,you can trust us and buy our productions.
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Reliable. Efficient. Innovative
Locked Air® is a globally trusted air void fill solution provider with satisfied customers worldwide.

Using latest technology in protective air cushion packaging, Locked Air® will perfectly protect your products in transit and make your packing process efficient and easier.

Our focus is bringing you reliable, newest technology that requires minimal technical intervention in the long-run.

Technology of Air Packaging Machine
Locked Air® achieves a 99.99% pass rate compared to 70% to 95% of the industry

From following technologies:

1.Dynamic sealing technology, including linear pressure, temperature auto-adjustment and tension control. No wrinkles - patent 201420439958.6

2.Air control design. Positive inside air pressure-patent 201420398325.5.

3.Patterned air channels, strong sealing-patent 201420657795.9

Strict Quality Control of Air Packaging Machine
We have a rigorous quality control process which will help to improve the design of our products continually. To give you peace of mind, our air cushion systems have been designed to withstand extreme shipping environments and they can be operated under extremely hot and cold circumstances. Every component is tested to destruction so you can rely on flawless performance.

We test our machines in full for 24 hours before delivery to reduce down time interruption and to ensure you can produce void fill without hassle as soon as they're delivered.

Save Valuable Space

The Locked air air cushion system has a compact footprint that takes up less dedicated inventory space, only produce air cushions film on demand,

Safe & Low cost Shipping

Light weight air pillows save on shipping costs. The soft and flexible patterns of cushion films provide best protect from shock during the transportation.

Fast Packing

Easy tear air cushions film support variable packaging demand. Speed up your warehouse throughput.

Wonderful User Unboxing Experience

Customized LOGO print, clean and dust- free packaging promotes the image of the enterprise, improves customer satisfaction and possibility of returning order with superior product clean protection.

Our company have Inflatable Protective Packaging,air cushion machine for sale and air pillow machine for sale,if you want to know air cushion machine price,you can contact us.
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