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Best Ice Bags & Accessories For Summers

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Dust collector accessories kit include cloth bag for bag filter, skeleton (bag cage), electromagnetic pulse valve, pulse controller, star-type unloading valve, etc., anode plate for electrostatic dust collector, barbed wire, cathode and anode rapping, porcelain bottle, porcelain Shaft and other dust collector accessories. Suitable for accessories such as bag dust collectors, cyclone dust collectors, wet dust collectors, water film dust collectors, electrostatic dust collector and other environmental protection dust removal equipment.

The baghouse accessories is the heart of a bag filter and is generally called a filter dust bag, dust filter bag, dust collection bag, dust bag, or dust collector bag. The dust bag is a key part of the operation of the baghouse filter cages, and the cylindrical filter bag is usually suspended vertically in the dust collector. It is a dust removal device that uses a bag filter element made of a fiber braid to trap solid particles in a dust-containing gas. The principle of action is that the dust particles are intercepted by the collision of the fibers with the inertial force of the filter cloth fibers. It is suitable for capturing fine, dry non-fibrous dust. The filter bag is made of textile filter cloth or non-woven felt. It uses the filtering action of the fiber fabric to filter the dust-containing gas. When the dust-laden gas enters the bag filter, the dust with large particles and large specific gravity settles due to gravity. When it falls down into the ash hopper and the gas containing fine dust passes through the filter, the dust is trapped and the gas is purified.

Dust removal frame, also known as filter bag cages, is an indispensable accessory for bag filter, used as a frame to support dust filter bag, it can be compatible with six, eight, ten, twelve, sixteen, eighteen, two Ten or twenty-four tendons. The skeleton is the "rib" of the filter bag, and it is formed by a special welding equipment. Is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, coking, power generation, non-ferrous metallurgy, steel, building materials, coal mines and other industries.

The characteristics of the dust removal frame are: firm welding, smooth and straight appearance so that the filter bag is not damaged, the application is lightweight, easy to install and maintain, and the surface post-treatment process is electroplating or organic silicon processing.

Hebei Ou Tai Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Botou City, a famous "dust-removing hometown." Ou Tai is a professional dust collection system manufacturer. Ou Tai Environmental Protection in the advanced production equipment, superb manufacturing technology, and strict quality assurance system under the guidance of users to provide satisfactory manufacturing installation and maintenance services. High-quality and efficient safety has always been our greatest feature. Our company has always paid attention to the cultivation and absorption of talents. The knowledge level and professional skills are increasing day by day. Both well-known experts in domestic environmental protection industry and a group of young and middle-aged management, technical and marketing cadres who are hard-working and skilled are injected with impetus and vitality. For different user needs, we design and develop a variety of low investment, low operating costs, stable operation, easy operation of the management process to ensure compliance of all emission control projects, won the praise of users.


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