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Steven Hughes June 25, 2017

Sunset #2 from this Evening (Milltown, NJ)

  • Sunset #2 from this Evening (Milltown, NJ) via Steven Hughes


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Robert Siciliano December 15, 2016 - Robert Siciliano

10 ways to beef up Digital Security

#1. Keep everything up to date. You know those annoying popups telling you updates are available? Do you ever click out of them? Dont. Always update at the time these appear.

#2. Two-step verification. Two-step verification or authentication should be set up for all your accounts that offer it. A unique one-time code is sent to the users phone or via e-mail that must be entered in the login field.

#3. Unneeded browser extensions? Review your browser extensions. Uninstall the ones you dont use. Too many extensions can slow down your computer.

#4. Encryption. Encryption software will scramble your e-mail and other correspondence so that prying eyes cant read them, but you and your intended correspondent can. If you must use public Wi-Fi (like at a coffee house), install a virtual private network to encrypt transactions.

#5. Lock screen protection for your mobile device. Your smartphone has lock screen protection in the form of a password to prevent a non-authorized user from gaining access. If you leave your phone lying around or lose it, youre protected if you have a password. Otherwise you are screwed.

In the same vein, your laptop should have protection from non-authorized users. Set up a password that allows access to using the device, including after hibernation periods.

#6. Check active logins. Some accounts allow you to check active logins to see if any unauthorized users have been in your accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook and Gmail.

#7. How easy can someone impersonate you? Could anyone phone your bank or medical carrier and give the correct information to bypass security, such as your favorite pets name? Who might know this information? Well, if its on your Facebook page, anyone who can view it. How much of your personal information is actually online? Many accounts allow a secondary password Ask them.

#8. Simple but powerful layers of protection.

Dont have login information written down on hardcopy.

Cover your webcam with tape (yes, cybercrooks have been known to spy on people this way).

#9. Sharing your personal life with the whole world. Set all of your social media accounts to the private settings you desire. Do you really want a potential employer to see you hurling at your late-night party? Make sure images that you post are not geo-tagged with your home address.

#10. Web tools. Check out the various toolbars that you can add to your browser to beef up security. Be selective and check ratings.

Robert Siciliano, personal security and identity theft expert and speaker is the author of 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Your Identity Was Stolen. See him knockem dead in this identity theft prevention video.

  • 10 ways to beef up Digital Security

#1. Keep everything up ... via Robert Siciliano


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Catherine Hislop December 14, 2016

A Vision for the Media #2

Here is an eloquent, yet touching letter that came in from Pam Waterhouse in the UK. Pam says: "Hi there, I am so happy to be a part of your Visions! I have aligned with every one of them, and can't wait for you to hit the million mark! I am personally very concerned about the Media and feel it is so sad that television and the internet - which should and could be playing such a vital role in uplifting the collective consciousness - is so often used to spread violence, fear, anger, envy and negativity in so many ways. I have tried to put my thoughts into a "Vision" which I am attaching here for you.
Yours sincerely,

We envision the time when the Media has become fully aware of its power and the part it plays in the collective consciousness; a time when all those who carry the enormous responsibility of projecting words and pictures into the homes and minds of millions of souls do so with integrity and respect for this great duty of care which they carry; a time when violence and obscenities are no longer considered appropriate viewing material - and gaming programs - and the damaging, negative effect of such on individuals and whole societies - is acknowledged; a time when it is recognized that even the images of starving and suffering souls in third world countries does not serve their interests, but expands and increases the suffering exponentially.

We envision a time when the media ~ film, television, radio, and the internet ~ is fulfilling a role which is central to our spiritual, mental, physical and emotional education and the development of all who interact with it; and that it is providing a loving, caring vehicle for spiritual development, knowledge, and appreciation of the Oneness of All Humankind. We see a time when the media is predominantly used for spreading good news rather than bad, spreading Love rather than Fear, and being a key player in bringing our Global Family together.

Thank You, Pam!