You learn many things when you have a passion for traveling. Traveling makes you much happier in life, you get the chance to meet new people, new styles, cultures, and traditions. Always Travel as much as you can because it is the best way to keep yourself happy and to live a happy healthy life. we've visited India. Believe me, India is such a diverse nation in the world. Such a beautiful culture, diverse country. India, a land full of energy, mystery, spirituality, colors and love. The only country in the world where you can see the both thousand year old ancient sanatan culture with its vast and very deeply rooted faiths and history and on the other hand the Modern India likely to influenced by the west. I’ve heard that India is diverse country so many religions and festivals, country food, thousand years old history, scenery and landscapes, wildlife. Truly it is like god made this country with his own hands. The Northern and Eastern India is covered with chain of massive snowy mountains and glaciers which is the birthplace of many Indian rivers and beautiful dense forests, waterfalls, lakes which is a great heaven of millions of wildlife species. The Western and Southern part of India is covered by sea where we can experience completely different culture and lifestyle, big temples and treasures natures.

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The Indian conference visa is given for workshops held in India to discuss a particular subject or international seminars and conferences. For technical and business meetings and To set up an Industrial or business venture, to deliver lectures under Global Initiative for Academic Networks (GIAN), for recruitment purposes, for trade or sales/purchases The Indian mission is tasked with the responsibility of issuing these visas to delegates. The delegates should produce an invitation letter to the seminar/conference or workshop that has been organized by the NGOs/private institutions, government-owned institutions, UN, Specialized agencies, any Ministry or department of the Indian government or UT administrations.


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