For the Parents

Parenting is the only job that has no time limits, pay, or shift. And it's the only job for which the do not need to have a license, permit, or certification to prove that they are qualified for the job. For the most parents who take their job seriously, their parenting job is carried out with a wing and a prayer and lots and lots of love! Head Start, school, colleges, and universities prepare the child for the world of work, but who or what prepares the parents? Well, that's one of the reason this board was created.

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Etienne A. Gibbs October 2, 2019 - For the Parents

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Etienne A. Gibbs November 30, 2018 - For the Parents

Good day, DashBurst Family, Friends, Followers, and Viewers!

As we all know, the New Year is right around the corner.

And along with it will be New Year Resolutions.

Well, I have one for you, for your friends, but especially for your children.

In fact, it's a New Year's Challenge. It's simply this: "For one hour per day, get off Facebook and get your face in a book."

I challenge you to read a book for one hour any day without sticking your face in your smartphone and to socialize with family and friends about what you've read for that hour. (Post a video of the book you're reading, but the best part will eventually be posting a picture or video of you with the book after you've completed it. Turn it into a celebration, like you would a birthday party!)

Let's make this challenge go viral, not only on Facebook but on your other social media sites.

Let's get back to real social relationships! Let's get back to eye-to-eye contact with our family and friends for an hour a day, at the very least!

My Challenge has begun now! My second Challenge: Become a Twenty-first Century Pioneer by starting your Face-in-a-Book Challenge now!


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Etienne A. Gibbs December 21, 2016 - For the Parents

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