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brainstoming box August 3 - Artificial Intelligence

AI is a collection of different technologies that allow machines to make smart decisions. But, what are those technologies working behind AI? Here are those six technologies you need to know

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brainstoming box December 11, 2019 - Space

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Why is there so much light on earth but almost none once you leave our planet?

Well is space really dark are you sure?

For Instance, imagine yourself fastening seat belt in spacecraft and took off from the earth’s surface. It will just take 150 seconds for your shuttle to get out of the earth’s atmosphere. Once you enter into space the first thing you can feel is black or darkness.

If you are still not sure just remember the all-time favorite space movie you have watched like Gravity, Interstellar. I am sure now you can fell that oil-silk darkness in the space.
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