• While I was in the grocery store today,I noted that they are... via Diane Bjorling


July 14, 2015

While I was in the grocery store today,I noted that they are selling blackberries and I have to admit I was shocked. Why pay $8.00 when you can get this fruit for free?
Yes the thorns can get to you, but it is worth the effort to get picking ...

Blackberries are a great way to get your vitamin C and are rich in bioflavonoids.

A couple of other awesomness to blackberries are

1. They are very high in antioxidants, in fact because of their color ( dark blue) they have one of the highest levels or antioxidants of all fruits

2. Blackberries are high in tannin which is a yay if you have hemorrhoids and will help sooth the effect of diarrhea.

3. Maybe as well as buying all those anti aging products, make a point of eating blackberries as they can help promote the healthy tightening of tissue ( psst..they will make your skin look longer)

All in all an awesome fruit to eat and freeze for during the winter..

oh..maybe one of the best reasons to risk the thorns of picking blackberries is that they just taste that good!


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