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BlockchainX August 13

this week on Codespot weekends, it's all about SEO. Join the conversation with Digital Marketing Expert,Gunaseelan Arunachalam as he takes you on "A deep dive into Advanced SEO Techniques," and learn how effective SEO can drive comprehensive organic traffic to your websites.


1. Introduction to SEO
2. Keywords Research
3. Onpage Optimization
4. Offpage Optimization
5. Technical SEO
6. Local SEO

Date & Time : 14-08-2021 - 06 PM
Session : 45 Minutes
Q&A : 15 Minutes
Speaker: Gunaseelan Arunachalam


Live Streaming:…


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BlockchainX August 3

As always, we are happy to present this week’s edition of Codespot weekends and we hope that you guys are ready to learn something new. This week on Codespot, we take you through a hands-on session with our top PHP Expert for “Getting Started with Laravel.”

Agenda :
1. Laravel Overview
2. What is MVC ?
2. Laravel fresh Installation
3. Laravel Application Structure
4. Laravel Configuration
5. Basic HTTP request flow with Routing & views

Date & Time : 07-08-2021 - 06 PM
Session : 45 Minutes
Q&A : 15 Minutes

Meetup Link:…
Live Streaming Link:

  • “Getting Started with Laravel.” via BlockchainX


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BlockchainX July 31

This is Codespot, and this week we are diving into the mystical world of Blockchains. The Smart Contract is the most promising piece of technology that has emerged as a part of blockchain technology and has world of infinite possibilities to explore. So, this week on Codespot, we are going to venture into the "Trustless world of Smart Contracts."

Meetup Link:

Streaming Link:

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  • "Trustless world of Smart Contracts" via BlockchainX