• Story Glass
                                        When Jen unknowingly touches a magic Story Bo... via Billy Baldwin


March 20, 2020

Story Glass


When Jen unknowingly touches a magic Story Bottle she is transported back in time. Frightened and desperately wanting to get home to safety, Jen soon realizes she's bound by the magic of the bottle. The only way home is to complete five challenges, each one more dangerous than the last. Guided by a group of fairies, Jen must not only face challenges designed to play on her worst fears, but must also conquer the master of the Story Bottle. This evil wizard will stop at nothing to keep his story from being told. Does Jen have what it takes to get back home or will she be lost in time for eternity? Will she risk everything to beat the wizard or will his secret remain hidden in the Story Bottle forever? Story Glass is an ideal chapter book for early readers.




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