Mobile app development cost in 2019


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Aleksandra May 15, 2019 - Mobile app development cost in 2019

If you want to start a digital startup the first question is the cost of app development.

It makes a lot of sense to launch an app startup these days. The vast majority of the population utilize different mobile apps as part of their daily activities.

Basically, your app idea, along with business and functional necessities, influences the app development cost.

The most influential factors which determine the final cost to build an app are:

- Vendor type and location
- Complexity and the number of app features
- Back-end infrastructure and connected APIs
- Complexity of UX/UI design
- Inclusion of additional branded visual elements
- Development approach (native, mobile web, hybrid, etc)
- Number of platforms to be developed (iOS, Android, web, etc)

Here you will understand the app development cost formation, read about how to manage your app development budget effectively and reduce app costs.

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    Denis August 4, 2020

    Cool! But I'd like to read more about features. For example here -… I've found detailed describing of their cost, hours they take to develop and so on


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