How to make an app like Uber


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Aleksandra March 17, 2019 - How to make an app like Uber

Nowadays Uber is the best taxi app on a global scale. Even with competition from other similar taxi booking apps, the company is still the dominant player within the ridesharing market.

If you want to make an app like Uber, it is important for you to understand the main components of this system.

This article provides information on how to make an app like Uber and how other apps and digital services may benefit from the Uber business model, especially the sharing economy.

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    Kate September 1, 2020

    The uber application is very good, it is convenient and it has a high speed of work, but the uber company has a bad reputation, so many are thinking about creating an application similar to uber, so if you are interested in this topic, then I can advise you an article it will answer all your questions…


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