How to Make an App Like Instagram


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Aleksandra February 18, 2019 - How to Make an App Like Instagram

Nowadays Instagram has become a powerful sales channel to attract new prospects and offer different products and services. One of the main reasons behind Instagram success is the continuous product improvement. These days, the service allows users not only to share photo and video content with other users but also offers wide business possibilities.

In this article we describe current app functionality and present a real-life example of a photo-sharing project similar to Instagram in functionality. Thus, you will better understand how much would it cost to develop a social-networking app like Instagram.


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Aleksandra January 27, 2019 - How to Make an App Like Instagram

Social media apps have taken up a great part of our lives and the application market already, and their number continues to grow. With the increase of smartphone usage worldwide there have emerged the opportunities for social networks with more advanced features.

The next level in social mobile networks is a photo and video-sharing app like Instagram. In the beginning, this app cost $500K, but after two more funding rounds, the project collected $57.5M in total and ten investors.

Today Instagram is a free photo-sharing app for Android and iOS smartphones, and there is also a web-based Instagram version for uploading and sharing photos. It is not a simple photo app, but a social platform offering wide functionality for business owners and marketing specialists.

Thus, there are many entrepreneurs who cannot miss the chance to be part of the prosperous market and think of building new social media apps. If you belong to one of them, you are right to be reading this blog post. This article gives a detailed explanation on how to make an app like Instagram for Android and iOS as well as unveils its approximate development cost for this kind of app.

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