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Aleksandra April 23, 2019 - Angular vs React

Angular vs React: How to Choose the Right Technology

Every time when front-end development is needed the Angular vs React dilemma appears. The choice depends on many factors because even front-end developers themselves have been debating the question for many years.

Angular and React are two of the most popular technologies on the market. They made it into the top three front-end frameworks developers chose in 2018. Despite their differences, they serve the same purpose – the creation of websites and web applications. The primary purpose of utilizing Angular or React is to enable developers to reuse, refactor, and maintain code by dividing it into small components – the so-called component-based architecture.

In this article you will find out a detailed overview of React vs Angular 2019, about their history, key differences, core languages, and features which will help you make the Angular vs React decision more quickly and simply.