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Aleksandra October 29, 2019 - medical web development

Medical Website Development

A lot of important topics are discussed in the internet, including health. Medical web development determines if potential clients use your healthcare services or not.

The face of your medical practice is your healthcare website. It can help grow your business or not.

A lot of companies and medical practices are forced to have medical website development but they do not know where to start. Here you will read the main steps of medical web development, and why it is important to your business.


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Aleksandra June 30, 2019 - How to make a fitness app

Fitness applications are gaining traction as more and more brands invest in mobile and web development. Creating a fitness app gives your business a powerful competitive edge.

The article will help you understand what types of fitness apps exist, what features you should consider adding, and know the answer to the most important question - how much does it cost to create a fitness app?


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Aleksandra June 24, 2019 - Telemedicine app development

In order to change the healthcare industry landscape telemedicine app development has begun. It is a subset of telehealth, which uses a wide range of modern technologies and specializes in providing medical services from a distance with the help of software and communication tools.

According to Statista the telemedicine market size will grow to $41.2 billion by 2021. It is obvious that telemedicine apps are becoming more popular among patients, medical establishments, and investors.

Telemedicine helps to support the healthcare system across patients, doctors, and medical establishments. The major task of telemedicine services is to provide remote doctor visits, increase medical service efficiency, and monitor health conditions from a distance.

More details about the benefits of telemedicine app development can be found here