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Helma van der Zwan September 7, 2016 September 7, 2016


Susan Lewis originally bursted on - #Apps-and-Tools

When reality of past actions come to the forefront do you wonder what other revelations are in store for you.

As I was writing this blog past the memory of walking the streets very late at night came through. one night a friend asked to help with the canvases we were so engrossed in what we were doing midnight had come and gone. That meant there was a three-mile walk between her house and mine. That was 6 hours round trip.

I remember that walk.

And believe me when the curtain went Up I was nowhere to be found. Actually, the caretaker found me asleep after the first concert party had been and gone.

Story of my life! This is about to have the ending changed.

Enjoy the read


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