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Amelia Grant April 17, 2019

9 Mistakes in Interior Design and How to Prevent Them
Home is the second place after our jobs where we spend the most time. People usually can’t change something in the interior of the workplace. But in the case of our home interior, people are free to use their imagination to make home design brighter and more interesting, but often they make common mistakes. Here are the top 10 most common mistakes of interior design and ways to avoid them which you should know.
One Color
Some people after reading magazines about interior design and after watching specialized programs, decide that if the certain color is in trend now, the whole room must be decorated in this color. Red walls, scarlet curtains, and pale pink furniture. Even the most mentally healthy person will feel a little uncomfortable In such a room. Instead of making everything in the room in one color, choose several matching colors and make one bright accent.
If you like massive furniture in a classic style, this does not mean that it will look as good in your small one-room apartment as in the spacious apartments featured in the furniture catalog. Think about the proportions while choosing furniture. A huge, half-room fancy bed under a canopy is as ridiculous as small ottomans in a spacious living room.
Excess and unnecessary furniture create a feeling of cluttering in the apartment. Sometimes you just don’t need a sofa in addition to the bed. You may just replace it with a little folding chair for your guests. Fit all personal belongings in one closet, without using the additional shelf. Not every apartment can be designed in minimalism, but you may bring some features of this type of design to your flat.
Facelessness of Design
Some make their apartments pink-red colored, but most try to make their house in neutral shades. Pastel wallpaper, light brown furniture, gray carpets. Despondency and once again despondency. Some colors will not worsen your apartment, even if you are very traditional in your own tastes. Add brightness to your apartment, and you’ll see that your coming home will be nicer and more fun.
You should consider many factors, when you’ll be working on lighting in your apartment: the location of the windows in the apartment (sunny or shady side), the type of rooms, the color of the furniture, walls, and floors, etc. Properly selected lighting will decorate your interior, but a lack of light or excess light sources may lead to a bad mood and even headaches. You should use different types of lamps in different rooms and pay attention to all the factors we have listed.
Too Many Details
Some well-chosen accessories will make your apartment more stylish and express your personality. But overloaded apartment with all kinds of vases, figurines, paintings, and shelves will be just a museum of souvenirs. Be discreet in your choice of decorative accessories.
You shouldn’t buy trendy furniture which will be uncomfortable for you. The furniture should be, first of all, comfortable to use. And you may use smaller accessories for decorative purposes.
Another variation of clutter is when we create an uncomfortable environment in the apartment by building barricades or bars with furniture obstacles. The apartment should “breathe”, and it should be comfortable and easy to move around in it!
How many mirrors are in your house? If the answer is two, then I can even guess where they are located - in the hallway and bathroom. Unfortunately, most people underestimate mirrors as a part of the interior. And in vain! With the help of mirrors, you can visually enlarge the room, make it lighter, and the antique mirror frame will serve as a wonderful additional decoration for the whole interior.


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Amelia Grant April 15, 2019

House Safety Rules Which Everyone Should Know
All our ancestors sought to protect their home. They were surrounded by their impregnable walls and hired people who were guarding them around the clock. Nowadays, such precautions have lost their relevance. Moreover, technical progress is applied by the faithful assistant in this matter.
Smoke Detectors
No one is insured against fire. Short circuits, forgotten pans on the stove, electrical appliances left behind plugged into an outlet can provoke a fire. Smoke is the first sign of an impending disaster, so smoke detectors are a necessary measure to prevent fires at homes. It is recommended to install sensors in each room of the house.
Outlets with Automatic Shutters
It will be an indispensable thing in rooms with high humidity, such as a bathroom. Also, these outlets will be useful in homes where there are small children. At that moment, when the operation of the outlet is not required, it is covered with a protective screen (shutter) and is reliably protected from moisture, dust and children's fingers.
Removable Window Bars and Aluminum Windows
The inhabitants of the first floor of multi-story buildings prefer to install bars on the windows, in order to protect themselves from thieves. And those who live in a house, usually install aluminum windows. Aluminum windows have frames that can withstand the pressure much better than older windows. Aluminum is a good material which is less likely to leak or corrode, compared to wood or steel window frames. Aluminum windows are also less prone to deterioration, especially when compared to wooden frames.
Outdoor Motion Detectors and Alarm
Are you afraid of robbers getting into your house? This probability can be minimized. Choose a security agency that will advise and assist with the installation of an alarm. In the event of an unexpected situation, after a warning signal, their rapid response team will come to your rescue.
Non-Slip Floors
Quite often, the bathrooms and the kitchen floors are made smooth, which is extremely dangerous for the inhabitants of the house. To avoid accidents, replace slippery floors with anti-slip tiles or self-leveling floors that are not afraid of moisture and have a long service life.
Locks on the Windows
If you have a child or your house is often full of guests with children, lock-stoppers on windows will provide reliable protection against accidents when curious children try to open the window and explore the world outside.

Falling out of the window is one of the main causes of child injury and death, especially in cities. Children are very vulnerable in front of an open window due to their natural curiosity. The natural desire to air an apartment brings unhappiness to hundreds of families.

Do not neglect these recommendations. If you want to feel comfortable and safe at home, do not worry about the safety of children and sleep well at night, take precautionary measures. Your peace of mind is in your hands.


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Amelia Grant April 3, 2019

Uterine Fibroids and IUD - Compatible or Not?
A uterine fibroid is a benign tumor consisting of myometrium elements. Fibroids can have a different location and structure. They are hormonally dependent and usually aren’t dangerous but able to ruin the quality of a woman’s life.

Regular intimate life is very important for a woman’s general health. Proper blood circulation in a pelvic area is good prevention for multiple diseases. Although women with large fibroids can experience unpleasant feelings during sex, they also need to have an appropriate sexual life. Therefore, birth control options should also be chosen carefully.

Uterine Fibroids and Birth Control
Women with uterine fibroids often have difficulties with conception. But difficulties doesn’t mean impossibility. It is possible to conceive with fibroids, but this disease complicates pregnancy significantly. There are multiple risks for the fetus - from miscarriage to various developmental pathologies.

The best option is to treat the fibroids first, and only after this plan to have children. Therefore, you need a proper birth control method which should be chosen considering your fibroids. There are plenty of variants, from condoms to hormonal birth control that can even improve your condition.

Many women prefer such birth control option as an intrauterine device (IUD). It is very convenient and effective. But can it really be an option if you have uterine fibroids? How compatible are fibroids and IUDs? Let’s find out!

The Types of Intrauterine Devices
There are two types of intrauterine devices. Each one has a specific ability to prevent pregnancy.

Metal device
Metal devices’ action is based on the mechanic obstacle that the device creates. It doesn’t let the egg attach to the endometrium. They are usually made of precious metals. Their presence also suppresses the development of uterine mucosa that may lead to the stop of fibroid’s growth.

It’s important to understand that metal IUDs can’t be used for fibroids treatment, though they may cause a little relief. Some women felt worse after using them and had complaints about increased uterine bleeding.

Hormonal device
These devices release gestagen hormones that influence directly on the uterine mucosa. The amount of hormone released is very small, but it’s enough to perform a powerful local effect. It doesn’t interfere with ovarian functions and gradually makes the endometrium layer thinner.

This way, fibroids feel a lack of blood supply and reduce in size. Women report improvements of their general health, such as less severe bleeding, less pelvic pain and less pressure on the nearest internal organs (in the cases with subserosal uterine fibroids).

Does it mean that hormonal IUDs can actually treat uterine fibroids? Yes. However, you should go through a full diagnostic before installing the device. But they can't be used to treat fibroids in pregnant women. Others can safely use it after their gynecologist's approval.

The few cases of contraindication of IUDs - large submucosal fibroid, deformed uterus, and inflammations in the pelvic area or urinary system. An IUD in a woman with uterine fibroids requires regular visits to doctor to control the situation and the state of her fibroids.