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David Leonhardt January 7 - Just for fun

In honour of the new Doctor's Yorkshire accent...

  • In honour of the new Doctor's  Yorkshire accent... via David Leonhardt


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David Leonhardt November 26, 2017 - Just for fun

A bagpiper was ask to play at the funeral of a homeless man by a funeral director.

The bagpiper was not familiar with the Pauper's Cemetery and got lost.

He finally arrived very late, and only the grave diggers were left. He went to the grave and looked down at the metal vault.

He played his heart & soul out for this poor, unfortunate man with no family or friends. The grave diggers began to weep.

He left, and as he opened his car door, he heard one of the workers say: "I never saw anything like that before, and I've been putting in septic tanks for 20 years."


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David Leonhardt July 30, 2017 - Just for fun

Anybody else been enjoying La Machine?



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