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August 13, 2019

Beer brewing equipment manufacturers
Capacity mash wort less than 100HL/batch or the annual beer less than 30000HL. And during production does not add malt substitutes(Such as rice, corn, starch, etc.) for saving material cost.£¬And arranged in order according to the process.This equipment used to make fresh beer£¬Maximize keep the natural freshness and nutrients of beer£¬Beer is rich in more than 17 kinds of amino acids, including 8 kinds of amino acids that the human is essential and cannot synthesize by itself; it contains 11 kinds of vitamins, especially the vitamin B which are rare in other foods; and can be based on different consumers. The taste needs are arranged in various flavors such as wheat beer, black beer, red beer, fruit beer, etc. to meet the needs of consumers of different levels and tastes.
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