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Alice Logan June 28, 2021

Choosing the right oriental rugs can be a boring and complicated task, but don't worry because, with our recommendations, you will successfully choose the most suitable one for your home.

Normally, we focus on furniture or walls; Sometimes, we forget the importance of the floor and the possibilities it offers us to decorate it.

Here are a series of recommendations that can be useful when choosing the correct oriental rug.

1. Choose quality and good style
Muslim and eastern countries have been significant production centers throughout history. The best techniques have been learned from them.

Generally, Persian, Pakistani, Caucasian, Indian, or Nepalese rugs have gained great international renown and have taken over the markets.

However, which are the best for our home? Let's look at some examples of other best rugs:

Persians: they have enjoyed great social prominence; They are of high quality, with curvilinear and floral designs, bright colors, and resistance to the passage of time. The silk ones are highly recommended.

Pakistanis: quality in the material, it has a more geometric design, such as the Jaldar rugs, and with more neutral tones.

Caucasian: the so-called Kazak is perfect for all types of decoration; cotton has been used as raw material, and the texture is very soft.

Indies: traditionally, they were made with sheep's wool or silk, following the Hindu style. The decorative motifs are of clear Persian inspiration; however, they are made up of an earthy color palette.

Afghan: made of silk, they are usually made in reddish tones, with curved shapes, very dynamic lines, and perfect symmetry.

Nepalese: small in size, they tend to have newer linear motifs, eliminating geometries and more diverse colors: blue, white, gray, warm, etc.

2. Choosing the right oriental rugs: materials
Of course, it is preferable to spend more money on a resistant material than one that will wear out in the short term. We must avoid low prices since they are associated with low quality.

Wool, silk, and cotton are widespread materials in the best oriental rugs on the market. The texture is unbeatable, and our feet appreciate its comfort.

If you are looking for a material insulating from cold and heat, wool or rug is what you are looking for to choose the correct carpet. Whatever the season, the contact with the rug will be rewarding.

On the other hand, if what you really want is stain-resistant and easy to clean, those made with natural fibers are a good choice.

Natural fibers are a newer format that fits very well in modern homes. If the rug will be used a lot daily, this material stands the test of time.

3. Size, which is the best?
If you hesitate between having a large or small rug, have a clear idea of ​​where the rug will be placed, whether in the living room, bedroom, or hallway.

It is advisable to have a larger rug located under the center table and tangent to the sofa for the living room. Its situation will attract the eye, so it cannot be reduced in size.

If the living room has a dining table, a smaller size rug than the previous one can be placed under it. For this, it is advisable to choose one with natural fibers.

As for the bedroom, the ideal situation is next to the bed. The dimensions should not be too wide; it better be scaled and proportionate to the bed.

Other places where to put rugs? In the entrance hall, a Persian-style one can attract the guests' eyes and unleashes good feelings.

And in the hallway? It is a good place to lay out a long rug; that, yes, that is resistant since it will be traveled daily.

4. Color and intensity
The color will be the reason to attract our eyes. What are the most common colors for rugs? We offer you some examples:

Red: it is preferable that it is not of great intensity but rather worn.
Garnet fits perfectly with the furniture.
Warm/earthy: any of these shades can be a good choice.
Dark blue: better not to use light ranges within the blue ones.
Beige: more daring tone but with a neutral character.

5. What should I take into account before buying an oriental rug?
You will likely find numerous stores on the internet where you can buy oriental rugs. It is recommended that before choosing you can try it.

Above all, the store offers you a guarantee of quality, that they let you touch it and feel the texture; do not trust photographs on the internet.

On the other hand, they offer you all kinds of information, especially make sure that it can be easily cleaned and not deteriorate.