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aliceforres July 1, 2019 - online counseling

What are the biggest myths when it comes to online Counseling or therapy?
Online counseling and therapy have been emerging and there are several people who have greatly benefitted from it. Still, a majority of people will have preconceived notions about online counseling or therapy and they would not want to try it only due to their notion. Some people are not at all open to this idea and would not even want to give it a try. But, trust us, it is worth giving a try and there is nothing to lose, if not gain anything! In this article, we bring to you the biggest myths people have regarding online counseling and therapy:
Online Counseling can never be useful
Most of the people would be of the idea that online counseling can never have much result and therapists can only help you when you meet them in person. However, we have seen multiple clients who have admitted that they previously believed that it would do no good and they spoke in length about how wrong they were and how online counseling has proved to be beneficial.
Online Counseling is only about exchanging e-mails.
Not at all people, you do not necessarily talk to your therapist via e-mail and if you feel the need, you can connect with them on social media networks as well. In some cases, we have had people who used to instant message their therapists and it proved to be more effective than having a physical therapist, as the clients felt that they would not be comfortable in speaking about themselves face to face with anyone.
Human Experience cannot be replaced with messages
You do not need a body in front of you to give you a good conversational experience. Texts might make you feel good. There have been cases where clients felt more comfortable when their therapist texted the clients instead of talking to them or when they met in person, as the client would perceive the therapist to be someone they idolize. It is more convenient to message your therapist, as you can talk to them whenever you feel like and that too, irrespective of where you are or without letting anyone know about it.
In case of serious disorders, online counseling is ineffective
No matter how serious the disorder is or whatever an individual is going through, the ultimate result would be to make them feel good about themselves. For this to happen, the way in which it happens is irrelevant. Therapists based in different corners of the world have helped people with serious disorders remotely and they have been doing great!

Online Counselors are not experienced!
If you think that your online counselor might not be experienced, you can look up for their experience and talk to their previous clients, as all online counselors are highly qualified, experienced and all their credentials are thoroughly checked before getting them onboard.
With all your myths regarding online counseling cleared, you can definitely take up online counseling or therapy without any further thoughts the next time you are planning to take one!