Dr. Alexandra Vorobeva, a managing optometrist in Port Credit, Mississauga. We offer complete, professional and personalized eye care services that range from eye exams and prescription eyewear to LASIK consultations. We also provide direct billing options for most vision insurance plans. Visit us for more details.

Alexandra Vorobeva

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Alexandra Vorobeva July 25, 2019 - Eye Care Clinic

If you are considering Lasik, listen as we discuss whether Lasik is an option for you and your eyes.

If you are in Mississauga, you may have a lasik consultation at Trillium Eye Care.

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Alexandra Vorobeva June 12, 2019 - Eye Care Clinic

In this audio, we discuss the reasons why visiting an optometrist solves the issues you’ve been having with astigmatism.

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Trillium Eye Care is an optometry clinic offering comprehensive eye exam in Mississuaga.

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