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Hello! My name is Anton Melnikov, I'm 34 years old, I...

Anton Melnikov January 26 January 26

Hello! My name is Anton Melnikov, I'm 34 years old, I am a private entrepreneur. Normally through the day, along with discussions with clients and various current affairs, I devote time to break. I will only go for a walk, I will play billiards, play the piano or see, or I will go out and discover trendy girls and be together. Additionally, I often go out with friends. I also don't miss the option of getting away with my own work. Especially as there are quite busy days.
After working for a long time, I made the decision to become an entrepreneur. 3 years ago I came across business ideas on the Internet. I consumed information for a while. Observed what interested me, when what was happening in life with what's on the sites. And then it was an issue of practicing on my own. Everything was happening to me slowly. The way it was supposed to. Now I realized: in order to walk, sell, negotiate, advertise, and construct your business system, you simply have to walk, negotiate, and execute everything else. It wasn't only a conscious option, it had been a choice of the soul. Some people have such turning points in life when everything changes - function, people close to them, interests, worldview.

I am a fan of Japanese culture, traditions and cuisine. Almost anyone, irrespective of whether or not they have ever been to a Japanese restaurant, even when asked what Japanese food , could name rolls and sushi in the first place. This isn't surprising, since the tiny, attractively designed parts of traditional Japanese food are so bright and diverse that their look alone arouses attention. And if we add to this the fact that traditional Japanese cuisine provides only the freshest items with no storage time that the rationale behind its rising popularity not only in Ukraine but also in the entire world gets clear. Japan is not the country where our compatriots can afford mass holiday or purchasing tours. You have to go here for aesthetics and beauty. That is the reason you're able to stop by the restaurant aleksandrsann.ks.ua , and revel in a piece of Japanese cuisine without moving far from town.