YouTube Releases One New Channel Layout to Rule Them All [UPDATE]

Google is unleashing the new YouTube One Channel available to everyone now after a limited month long beta testing period. youtube update This update gives all YouTube channels a sleek new look that promotes a consistent feel for your brand across multiple devices, whether that be mobile or desktop, and it also looks to help content creators convert more of their viewers into subscribers.

YouTube has also provided a nice overview of all the possibilities you have to optimize your channel which include the best sizes for your profile images and other artwork. Channel art is customizable, visually-compelling art you can add to your channel that comes with a tool to choose how the images appear across desktop, mobile or TV displays.

youtube one devices

Make your first impression stand out

YouTube wants to help you convert all your viewers into subscribers. You can now create a trailer to feature only to non-subscribed viewers that land on your channel. This is a chance to show them what your channel is all about while encouraging them to subscribe, and not annoying your current fans with repetitive calls-to-action.
first impressions

Dress up your channel once, watch it look great everywhere

YouTube realizes that people watch your videos everywhere, at home, work, on their phones, anywhere they go. You need your channel to look good with a consistent feel across multiple device screens. Now your channel can shine by scaling responsively to any screen resolution size, keeping all your important sharing options in play too.

Channel Art Guidelines
For optimal results on all devices, YouTube recommends uploading a single 2120 X 1192 px image that has been optimized to fit the template below.
channel art specs

You can download the template from Google here: Channel Art Specs

Take control over your unique content

Take better control of the visual display of your videos and playlists on your channel. You can also curate content now, either your own or others’, into highly visible sections of your channel. YouTube also gives you multiple layouts to choose from for videos and playlists so you can arrange your content in the best way to engage fans.

your content is unique

Explore recently designed channels for inspiration

Check out a few fresh new designs to get a feel for the new possibilities.

Young Hollywood





Have you tried out the new YouTube channel layout yet? What are your thoughts?

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